Toronto Home Building

Carpentry as a profession is involved in expert construction work but fine cabinetmakers have more of an artistic approach to wood. Imperial Custom Millwork and Kitchens LTD can carve, hewn and chisel virtually any theme into wood. This is crucial to providing personal projects a distinctive feel. Many designs our customers ask for may seem fairly simple but when that design is cut into wood it adds a dimension of unmistakable refinement. Very ornate woodwork is a sight to behold but there is a beauty to clean straightforward designs too.

That is a decision for our valued customers to make. Imperial Custom Millwork and Kitchens LTD has the experience to make your Toronto, Mississauga and Etobicoke woodwork ideas meet your budget. If you would like your home to have elegant and enduring additions then you've come to the right web page.

Why use a professional?

Few things deliver distinction to a space like rich, finely made wood cabinetry. Handmade professional cabinets are a great investment as it can last for centuries. Mass manufactured products are nowhere near as long-lasting or solid as professional cabinetmaker products therefore, though you may pay less for mass produced products at present, you will end up spending more to replace the pieces in the future. We custom build: bedframes, desks, dressers, wall units, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and more.

Cabinet Creation

Cabinet building is an art all its own. Planning the physical cabinet is a science but producing the etching out of the wood requires an artist's experienced hand. There are many patterns which we have extensive experience in but if you would like something more personalized we can create that too. We welcome you to look at our gallery of previously fashioned custom cabinets to help you plan out your own Toronto, Mississauga or Etobicoke custom piece.